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Research , Studies and News – January 2019

Could targeting the immune system improve ASD symptoms?Gut health and inborn errors of metabolismEffects of probiotics prebiotics, and phytobiotics on mental healthThe gluten-free diet, ASD and Down SyndromePrenatal fish oil supplementation may improve children’s growth     Could targeting the immune system improve ASD symptoms? Numerous studies indicate that the immune system, which usually protects the […]

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When Histamine Goes Haywire

Histamine and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome – Everything You Need to Know Do you experience random headaches? Or perhaps your tongue gets all swollen when you eat tomatoes? As you’ll discover in this article, these symptoms aren’t ‘all in your head’ but could be related to how your body handles histamine. I’ll also talk about […]

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Study: Pesticides Linked to Autism

A study out of the University of North Carolina Medical School found pesticides linked to autism. Researchers discovered that pesticides caused changes in the brain consistent with autism and neurodegenerative diseases. These chemicals were found to inhibit mitochondrial complex I and III, stimulate free radical production and disrupt microtubules in neurons – underlying conditions we […]

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Our Gut Bacteria Affect Our Risk of Gluten Intolerance

Nutrition Research Review Researchers wondered why only 2% to 5% of genetically susceptible individuals develop celiac disease. It turns out our gut microbiome may affect our risk of gluten intolerance. In a study published in The American Journal of Pathology, they divided the mice into three groups – mice with pathogens, germ-free, a healthy microbiome with no pathogens. The conventional mice […]

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