Nutrigenetics & Metabolomics Provide Data for Personalized Nutrition in Autism


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Genetics can be used to help us personalize diet through the study of nutrigenetics and metabolomics.

I found something I wanted to share with you. It is so compelling that I decided to make it a new video as a resource for practitioners. It comes from a study by Jill James and colleagues.

It brings together both the genes and the metabolites to give a bigger picture of what’s going on and I love this paper for that reason, and I think you will too.

  • You will learn about genes that can be impaired in autism that bring certain, key nutrients into the cell.
  • You’ll learn about individual polymorphisms and combinations of genetic polymorphisms that, while alone may not be significant, when combined may be linked to higher rates of autism.
  • You’ll also connect this to metabolites to understand what is going on inside the cells, to cause inflammation and oxidative stress.
  • How methylation and transsulfuration are affected in autism and what this means about nutrients that might be beneficial depending on individual needs based on nutrigenetics and metabolomics.

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