Improve clinical results using

BioIndividual Nutrition®

Improve clinical results using

BioIndividual Nutrition®

The BioIndividiual Nutrition training teaches you how to identify and hone the right therapeutic diet(s) and customize nutrition recommendations to the specific biochemistry and metabolic needs of each individual.

Learn to bioindividualize the following dietary strategies:

Hi, I’m Julie Matthews, MS.

Certified Nutrition Consultant,
Educator, & Published Researcher

Julie Matthews, MS is a globally respected nutrition expert, award-winning author, and published researcher. Her guidance is backed by over 20 years of clinical experience and scientific research with complex neurological and physiological needs; particularly autism and related disorders.

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What is your specialty, focus and passion?

I am a health practitioner specializing in…

A wide-range of chronic diseases/disorders (clients of all ages)

Children with autism, ADHD, or other complex childhood disorders

12 Healing Recipes for the BioIndividual Nutrition needs of your clients

Download our recipe guide to help your clients improve their compliance and diet satisfaction and succeed with therapeutic diets. Each recipe is tagged with over a dozen different dietary needs.

“The BioIndividual Nutrition Program has helped my health coaches and myself understand how to approach very challenging patient cases and has given us tools and resources to get faster and more effective results with our clients.”

Dr. David Jockers DNM, DC, MS

I highly recommend the BioIndividual Nutrition training! Julie’s expertise in therapeutic special diets is cutting-edge and so relevant for the anxious women I work with, over and above the brain chemical balancing and other nutritional approaches I use. I love that I continue to learn as Julie shares new research and information. It’s also helped me personally, as I have been able to solve my terrible foot pain caused by oxalates!”

Trudy Scott, CN

Author: The AntiAnxiety Food Solution

“Julie Matthews knowledge of various diets and the unique healing quality of food ranks her as one of the top nutritional scientists in the field today.”

Dr. Kurt Woeller

Medical Director Integrative Medicine Academy

“I’m loving the BNI program and how it’s elevating my effectiveness in the clinical setting. Big wins for everyone!”

Brandin Roa, FNLP, NCP, CPCC, CPE,

BCom Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner

“The BioIndividual Nutrition training has been one of the best investments for my career as a nutritionist. The course has been invaluable.”

Francesca Orlando-Baldwin, NTP, CGP

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

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A wide-range of chronic diseases/disorders (clients of all ages)

Children with autism, ADHD, or other complex childhood disorders