Study: Pesticides Linked to Autism


Pesticides-feature-image2A study out of the University of North Carolina Medical School found pesticides linked to autism. Researchers discovered that pesticides caused changes in the brain consistent with autism and neurodegenerative diseases. These chemicals were found to inhibit mitochondrial complex I and III, stimulate free radical production and disrupt microtubules in neurons – underlying conditions we find in autism.

Read more about this study and the positive benefits researchers found from sulforaphane at Nourishing Hope.

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  1. Hello Julie, I would like to find out if this pesticide study was done during invitro or in vivo, simply because these children are usually born with the condition and most parents do not understand how this occurred. could it be that pregnant women with autistic children might have eaten foods that have been sprayed with such chemicals?
    Thank you for the information


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