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The BioIndividual NutritionTM Program

Learn the science and clinical application of the most effective special diets, and how to recommend and employ a diet strategy (or set of dietary strategies) for each patient – based on their specific needs. And, learn about powerful software technology that lets you put that knowledge to work like never before – increasing your clinical effectiveness, saving time and money, and connecting you with colleagues that share your professional passion.

As you join the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute you become part of a community of esteemed clinicians and researchers that contribute to, learn from, and further the study and practice of BioIndividual Nutrition.



 Learn about BioIndividual Nutrition and our Professional Program.



Become a Certified Practitioner

Learn how the BioIndividual Nutrition Program will:

Improve patient satisfaction & compliance, Increase clinical success & revenue, Save time

Explore our program including our Software Platform and Training/Certification.


Learn about
our Program


Conduct Nutrition Research

Our platform will enable you to:

Connect with other researchers and clinicians, Access clinical tools, Share your feedback, Join the scientific discussion

Our powerful software has the ability to De-identify Data, enabling researchers to identify clinical sub-groups, isolate confounding variables and conduct more meaningful nutrition research.



How to Get Access

Find a BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner.
Patients of BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioners can log in to their account using their smart device or computer to access their resources.

Share your personal experience of how using food and nutrition has helped you.

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