Customizing Therapeutic Diets to Improve
Clinical Success with Anxiety, Autism, and beyond!

Webinar – Julie Matthews together with Trudy Scott

Held July 6, 2016

• Question about 12 yo girl – has done diets for many years (SCD, GFCF, etc.) still has dark circles under her eyes and palms – any thoughts per direction?
• Which tests to order? And how to explain their justification?
• Interesting question about restless leg syndrome… and blood sugar.
• What do you recommend for someone who hasn’t been able to heal their gut after doing a GF and grain-free diet?
• Can a specialized diet help with chronic pain?
• Consider running a test for Lyme when working with autism?
• What diet do you recommend for ADD?
• Does Julie’s book cover details on the diets, oxalates, etc?
• What diet and improve iron absorption?
• How can we get proper mineralization? (given depleted soil)

The Q&A portion begins around 1:09
– SEE BELOW a list of the questions asked…

• Where can we read more from you about these diets?
• Question about getting off or SSRIs and benzos?
• How fast can you expect to see changes in mood/behavior? (after diet changes)
• Are any of these issues pertinent to people with possible Alzheimer’s?
• Question about urinary incontinence…
• Will taking digestive enzymes be good enough to not have to avoid certain foods?
• Question about pain, after eating almond butter…
• Is there a connection between nutrition and epilepsy?
• I can see the benefit of this training, how deep down the rabbit hole you go in the course?
• Are there test for some of these sensitivities? Oxaltes/Amines, etc?

BioIndividual Nutrition Training for Australia Practitioners

Practitioner Group FORMING NOW – Begins in July – CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS –

Mindd Foundation is pleased to be collaborating with Julie Matthews and her BioIndividual Nutrition training as part of our ongoing strategy to support practitioners in delivering the highest quality healthcare to Australian families. Mindd Foundation and Julie share a long history as pioneers in empowering families and practitioners to use personalised nutrition for optimal patient outcomes.
Leslie Embersits – Founding Director, Mindd Foundation

Practitioner Group is led by Julie Matthews along with Helen Padarin,
Australia/Mindd practitioner and Study Group Leader.