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The Methylation Diet

Supporting Healthy Methylation and Gene Expression

MethylationDiet_BookShadowMethylation is an essential process inside our bodies. It helps cells to replicate and repair themselves; aiding detoxification, building healthy immune cells, creating and metabolizing neurotransmitters and hormones, and much more. Methylation is also a key regulator of gene expression; determining which genes get turned "on" and which remain silent. Faulty methylation has been linked to autism and many other conditions including heart disease, stroke and depression.

Historically, clinical focus has been on overcoming methylation deficits through supplemental nutrients alone... but there is more we can do!

Supporting the delicate balance of methylation in the body, and avoiding potentially harmful inappropriate methylation should be an understanding and expertise of leading nutrition practitioners today.

The BioIndividual Nutrition Institute, dedicated to training professionals on individualized therapeutic diet and nutrition approaches, is excited to present The Methylation Diet. In this webinar Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, naturopathic physician, author and IFM faculty member, and Romilly Hodges MS CNS, nutritionist, will share with us the many nutrient, dietary and lifestyle factors that affect methylation and how to embrace a holistic approach to methylation support.

Join this FREE webinar and discover...

  • What is the Methylation Diet
  • Why methylation is vital for good health and disease prevention
  • How to maintain balance in methylation - not too little, not too much
  • How genetic SNPs affect methylation & which nutrients help or harm
  • 5 tools that support methylation beyond supplements
  • Which food and diet choices help methylation

Webinar - Julie Matthews
together with Kara Fitzgerald and Romilly Hodges


The Methylation Diet

Webinar - Julie Matthews
together with Kara Fitzgerald
and Romilly Hodges

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