Julie Matthews’ Advanced Nutrition Training Program

is now available to Nourishing Hope MOMs (and Dads!)

ENROLLMENT is OPEN: Apply as a Nourishing Hope MOM today!.

This program is open to any parent or caregiver that is using diet and nutrition to help their child, family, community, or themselves (whom often have a focus on autism, ADHD, or a related disorder).

When you enroll for the training courses as a Nourishing Hope MOM, you’ll get access to the replays of the earlier Study Group meetings (details below). PLUS you can participate in 2017 LIVE Q&A Sessions with Julie Matthews, connect via our private Facebook group and forums.

Be sure to listen to the informative webinar… (see below)

Food is Medicine

but there is NO “one-size-fits-all” Diet

based on their Unique Biochemistry, Health History, and Genetics

Customizing Diet and Nutrition is Essential

After 14 years championing individualized diets and nutrition for autism (nourishing hope), Julie Matthews launched the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute – and it’s been a great success.

Her BioIndividual Nutrition training program teaches the science and strategic application of individualized diet and nutrition; where clinician, patient, and technology work together to improve clinical outcomes and success.

More than 300 doctors, nutritionists, and other professionals have taken our training and are incorporating BioIndividual Nutrition in their practice. Now, the course is available to parents who can benefit from this advanced learning and capability.

Scholarships Available


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Review the Program Content and Details

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Now open to Parents

At the urging of parents like you, our Advanced Nutrition Training is now available for Nourishing Hope Moms that really want to know how these diets work, and how to help others make the most of diet and nutrition approaches. And for those taking their own diet and nutrition journey much deeper, this training will give you an advanced level of understanding and effectiveness.

A Nourishing Hope MOM, is any mother, parent or caregiver that is using diet and nutrition to help their child/family.

This Program is for those that….
  • Want to deeply understand therapeutic diets in order to help their own family

  • Are a nutrition student, or inspire to be nutrition consultant

  • Give and organize talks in their local community

  • Help other families at home and in their kitchen

  • Are “cooking to heal” chefs or cater to allergen-free diets


Review the Program Content and Details

Please review the content on this page, and ALSO on our main “Practitioner Program” page.

Brief Training Program Overview

Please be sure to watch this overview….

Led by Julie Matthews

Parents have been patiently awaiting the launch of Julie Matthews first comprehensive advanced nutrition training. Julie has educated physicians and professionals at trainings for ARI/DAN!, IMMH, MAPS, and the MINDD Forum in Australia, as there is great need for a body of professionals and parents with advanced understanding and capability for nourishing hope in each person.

We offer two Advanced Nutrition Training courses, that together comprise 19 learning modules to study at your own pace. Materials and tools include videos, audios, transcripts, diet sheets with food lists, diet decision making charts, and other practical tools based on over a decade of clinical experience.

Julie’s advanced nutrition training program is unprecedented. Instead of teaching one dietary approach – she provides knowledge and tools to customize your nutrition approach to each individual.

TWO Training Courses

Our advanced nutrition training program is unprecedented. Instead of teaching one dietary approach – Julie Matthews provides knowledge and tools to customize your diet and nutrition approach to each individual.

1) Nourishing Hope FOUNDATIONS

Comprehensive Training in the Nutrition Science and Clinical Practice of Individualized Diet and Nutrition Intervention. It provides broadly applicable advanced nutrition knowledge and tools, information on over a dozen therapeutic diets, and explains how to adapt diets for individual food allergies and sensitivities such as gluten, dairy salicylates, amines, glutamates, oxalates, FODMAPS.

Information on over 20 diets: Gluten-free casein-free, allergen-free, elimination diets, yeast diets, SCD, GAPS, Low oxalate, Body Ecology, Feingold, Failsafe, low FODMAPS, Modified Atkins, Paleo diet, Primal diet, and more.

(For ALL practitioners addressing all chronic conditions)

MODULE 1: BioIndividual Nutrition Foundations
MODULE 2: Special Diets for BioIndividual Nutrition
MODULE 3: Good Nutrition – Food Pyramid
MODULE 4: GFCF and Allergen-free Diets
MODULE 6: Dysbiosis and Diets for GI Support
MODULE 7: Low Phenol Diets
MODULE 8: Oxalates and The Low Oxalate Diet
MODULE 9: Paleo, Low Carb, and Ketogenic Diets
MODULE 10: Methylation and Mitochondria
MODULE 11: Laboratory Testing & Supplementation
MODULE 12: Determining BioIndividual Diet


2) Nourishing Hope for KIDS

Specialized Training in Nutrition for Children, Autism, ADHD and other Special Needs. Julie Matthews explains the underlying biochemistry, common nutrient deficiencies, and the most effective diets used for children’s special needs based on her 14 years of research and clinical practice.

While the Foundational Course provides broadly applicable advanced nutrition training – Nourishing Hope for KIDS gets specific – focusing on autism, ADHD, and related childhood disorders. Julie Matthews is the world’s leading nutritionist for children with autism; this is first advanced nutrition training program – explicitly focused on this audience.

(EXTRA course for those addressing childhood conditions)

MODULE 1: Biochemistry of Autism, ADHD and other Chronic Childhood Disorders
MODULE 2: Nutrient Deficiencies in Autism and Other Conditions
MODULE 3: Digestion and the Microbiome in Autism
MODULE 4: Behavior and Energy Regulation
MODULE 5: Special Diets for Children
MODULE 6: Case Studies of Autism and other Childhood Disorders
MODULE 7: Meal Planning and Recipes for Children & Support for Picky Eaters


Materials and Tools Include

  • Video presentations, slide decks, and transcripts
  • Downloadable MP3 recordings of all modules and lessons
  • Private forums and Facebook groups for connectivity
  • Easy to Use Clinical Charts, Handouts: GMO Guide, Toxin Guide, and many more
  • Diet Implementation guides and Food lists
  • Nourishing Hope Food Pyramid poster and client tools
  • Nourishing Hope for Autism (book) and Cooking to Heal (cookbook and videos)

This Training Program will…

  • Help you discover the underlying biochemistry by putting the science together in a way that’s easy to understand
  • Allow you to stay on top of the new research that’s emerging daily
  • Provide you detailed understanding and implementation strategies for over a dozen special diets
  • Deliver ongoing insights, tools, and technology suggestions that help you develop further avenues of support
  • Create collaboration with like-minded practitioners and other professionals
  • Give you opportunity to ask Julie and Drs. your particular diet and nutrition questions

CLICK TO REVIEW our “Practitioner Program” page for complete course details

Praise from a Nourishing Hope Mom

“As an overwhelmed autism mom staring at a long list of food allergies and underlying medical issues for my son, Julie Matthews was an invaluable resource to me and my family. As my knowledge and understanding grew about the foods we feed our families and the impact biochemically, so did my family’s wellness. But, it wasn’t just about diet, it was what would help MY child based on his particular challenges and individual needs. My son is 11 and recovered from autism, so now it is time to take it a step further and go even deeper in my own knowledge and to give back to others wanting to support the health of themselves and their families.

I look forward to delving even more into bio-individual nutrition through Julie’s new program and to look at the various opportunities to grow my own skills and share this passion with others in more effective ways. What an empowering way to take our journey and help others heal their children, themselves and their families and to continue to nourish hope.”

– Terri Hirning, Nourishing Hope Mom Group Leader


Review the MOMs Study Group details

Read about the details of our specific MOMs Study Group program

Our MOMs Study Group

It takes a team to help families with autism and other special needs, because great collaboration is required to shift the paradigm about the usefulness of diet and nutrition approaches. I’m very proud to include mothers in the Institute. Who better than moms (and dads) with personal experience to help families in need?

I have met mothers around the world with tremendous experience helping their own children heal and recover – they are often compelled to share their knowledge with families in their community. Some moms go back to school and become nutrition practitioners or educators, give talks about their experience, and/or coach others to clean up cupboards, read food labels, help with food/menu ideas, and give shopping tours.

Nourishing Hope Moms are parents actively following any therapeutic diet for their kid(s). They’ve been there, they know it’s tough at times, that it’s not inexpensive, that most people around you don’t understand. But they also know that it’s always worth it, that food and nutrition DO matter greatly to the health and well being of their children. Nourishing Hope Moms are great advocates and support for autism families.

Advanced Nutrition Training is now available for Nourishing Hope Moms, along with our specialized study group for peer support and learning, for moms that really want to know how these diets work, and how to help others make the most of diet and nutrition approaches. It’s also for those taking their own diet and nutrition journey much deeper than the application of just a couple of diets, or dietary distinctions.

You can JOIN this group! YOU WILL RECEIVE:

You’ll get:

  • Recordings of the Nourishing Hope MOMs group’s earlier Study Group meetings
  • Participate in 2016 LIVE Q&A Sessions with Julie Matthews
  • Ongoing connection through our private Facebook group and forums
  • Inclusion in any upcoming LIVE Study Groups for MOMs later in 2016

Self-Paced Course + Study Group + Online Connection

Connecting and learning together with like-minded peers has great advantage, so we’ve created a way for a group of parents to: learn/integrate/apply the BioIndividual Nutrition training together, while proceeding at their own pace, getting direct support from other parents and group mentors, while being able to connect with Julie Matthews and broader Institute program offerings.

This BioIndividual Nutrition Training program for Nourishing Hope MOMS includes a special study group just for mothers. As you study at your own pace, you will also have access to monthly live sessions to ask Julie Matthews questions on the material, and to network with each other through our membership portal and private Facebook group.

Study Group Sessions
and Ongoing Connectivity
  • Recorded Questions and answers with Julie Matthews and Group Leaders

  • LIVE monthly Q&A sessions with Julie

  • Topics include: nutrition course material, case studies, personal questions, parent resources, and more

  • Meet other moms and connect on private forums and Facebook groups

  • Group member spotlights and stories

Group Leader

“As a mother and a nutrition professional, the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute training has been a blessing to me. Julie pulls all the pieces together and teaches everything she’s learned over fourteen years – which I can then apply to myself and my own children, as well as my professional clients. Now I’ve taken on the role as a Group Leader for the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute” Join me in the upcoming Nourishing Hope for MOMs study group this Summer/Fall.

Kathleen DiChiara, FDN-P, INHC
Author: The Hidden Connection


Enroll: Complete an Application

Click the application button below; also see details about scholarships.

Enrollment Includes

This Nourishing Hope MOMs program includes both of our training courses: our BioIndividual Nutrition FOUNDATIONS course, and our Nourishing Hope for KIDS course. You will receive all course materials and tools, PLUS replay recordings of our earlier 2015 Study Group Sessions, and participation in an upcoming 2016 Study Group.

Immediate access to our Member Portal: all BioIndividual Nutrition training course content and materials (study at your own pace)

Access to our member forums including special Facebook Group for Nourishing Hope MOMSs

Join LIVE Q&A sessions with Julie to enhance your learning/application of content

Scholarships Available

Scholarships in this program are available to Nourishing Hope MOMS, not practicing professionals. Many parents taking this training are doing so to help themselves, their families, and their communities, so we are offering a significant scholarship ($2000 off program tution).

If you are a practicing professional with a primary training in nutrition AND a parent, you are welcome to join the training and Study Group or one of our upcoming Professional Study groups, however, the scholarship is only available to non-professionals.

Directory Listing – Join our Community

As a Nourishing Hope MOM who has successfully completed our program, you will be included in our online directory as a “Nourishing Hope MOM.” If you are a nutrition or health professional and want to be included in the Practitioner portion of the Directory (you will not be eligible for the scholarship); however contact us for possible discounts that might apply.

Follow Scope of Practice

We anticipate moms may want to use this knowledge in their community to educate families, but be aware you must work within the laws of your state. This training does not provide certification to legally practice nutrition.

MOMs/Parents Can Apply HERE

CLICK the APPLY button below to proceed to the Nourishing Hope MOMs application page. You can then provide your information and responses, then place a deposit toward your enrollment in the program.

FIVE or TEN Payment Options: You have the choice to complete payment in one single payment, or five or ten payments if preferred. Always feel free to reach us at [email protected] or 415-235-2960 with any questions you have about the program, qualification, or enrollment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We guarantee you’ll love the BioIndividual Nutrition Training courses. Julie Matthews is a dynamic and inspirational speaker and teacher, and we are confident you will enjoy what you are learning. Enroll in the program. After the first two modules, if you’re not completely satisfied by the level of content, then simply send an email within 7 days after the delivery of module 1, and we’ll give you a full refund on the course.