BioIndividual Nutrition Mini-Course

EXCLUSIVE TRAINING with Julie Matthews


For Practitioners that make Diet & Nutrition recommendations

Customizing therapeutic diets based on a client’s unique biochemistry
and health needs is essential for your optimal clinical effectiveness…

This Mini-Course gives you immediately actionable clinical insights from the BioIndividual Nutrition Training & Certification program.

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16 Oxalate Myths – and what you need to know

The Mini-Course is going to teach you…

  • 14 Clinical Tips you can use right away

  • The science behind therapeutic diets: Low Phenol/Oxalate/Amine/Glutamate/FODMAPs

  • 5 common nutrition errors – and HOW to AVOID them!

  • Symptom clues – and HOW to assess your client’s bioIndividual nutrition needs

  • Captivating Case Studies

MiniCourseCOVERPLUS…we’ll give you a comprehensive Guidebook. Including: The slides from the course, 6 pillar framework for BioIndividual Nutrition, Guide for using special diets to support gastrointestinal disorders, The Nourishing Hope Food Pyramid, and other support tools.

Gain understanding of how practicing BioIndividual Nutrition can help you become more confident, streamline your practice and improve compliance!

Learn to apply this effective methodology in your clinical practice.

About Julie Matthews

Julie_AtNTA_RedDress_PanelJulie Matthews is a Certified Nutrition Consultant. She is a writer, speaker, and clinician with a nutrition practice in San Francisco, California. Having spoken at many medical and autism conferences around the world, Julie has become a global thought leader in the field of bioindividual nutrition.

For 16 years, Julie Matthews has worked with autism, special needs, and complex neurological disorders, allowing her to gain a unique expertise from which she developed the advanced framework of the BioIndividual Nutrition Training Program. She is the author of an award-winning book, Nourishing Hope for Autism.

This Mini-Course is not a general overview. Come prepared to learn!