Julie Matthews presents at the Mindd International Forum in Sydney, Australia.

Using BioIndividual Nutrition to Personalise Therapeutic Diets and Improve Effectiveness

While we can all agree that food is medicine, there is no “one-size-fits-all” diet. Individuals have specific dietary needs, based on their unique biochemistry, health history, genetics and more. To be most effective with using diet and nutrition therapeutically, patients and clinicians must personalize their approach. In this presentation you will discover:

  • Why you’re current diet might have hit a “wall”

  • That therapeutic outcomes increase when you personalize food and nutrition strategies

  • Certain foods that negatively affect mood, learning, and behavior for children with autism and ADHD

  • Three mistakes to avoid when making dietary recommendations

  • The most advantageous healing diets including: GFCF, SCD, GAPS Diet, Paleo diet, low phenol diets, low oxalate, and low FODMAPs and how to choose the right one for the individual

Australia Practitioner Group is FORMING NOW

BioIndividual Nutrition Training for Australia Practitioners


Mindd Foundation is pleased to be collaborating with Julie Matthews and her BioIndividual Nutrition training as part of our ongoing strategy to support practitioners in delivering the highest quality healthcare to Australian families. Mindd Foundation and Julie share a long history as pioneers in empowering both families and practitioners to use personalised nutrition for optimal patient outcomes.

Leslie Embersits

Founding Director, Mindd Foundation

Julie Matthews is a Certified Nutrition Consultant specializing in autism, ADHD, and related disorders. After 15 years of extensive scientific research and clinical experience, she developed the BioIndividual Nutrition® approach. This approach personalises therapeutic diets to address the unique biochemical needs of the individual. Her award winning book, Nourishing Hope for Autism, helps families around the world make food and nutrition choices that aid the health, learning, and behavior of their children. Julie presents at leading conferences in the US and abroad. She founded Nourishing Hope and the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute to empower families and clinicians worldwide.