Integrative Medicine and BioIndividual Nutrition

Customizing Diet and Nutrition Recommendations in Your Practice

Food is Medicine
but there is NO “one-size-fits-all” Diet

based on their Unique Biochemistry, Health History, and Genetics

Customizing Diet and Nutrition is Essential

HEAR what every Doctor or Nutrition-Practicing Professional should know…

  • How personalizing food and nutrition strategies help improve patient/client outcomes
  • Which foods may negatively affect mood, learning, and behavior (Kurt and Julie will share wisdom from their experiences with autism)
  • The most advantageous special diets for healing: including: GFCF, SCD, GAPS Diet, Paleo diet, low phenol diets, low oxalate, and low FODMAPs
  • How to AVOID the 3 most common mistakes when making dietary recommendations
  • About how to join the upcoming “Study Group” at the BioIndividual Nutriton Institute, with Julie Matthews and Kurt Woeller


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JOIN Dr. Kurt Woeller and Julie Matthews, CNC

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is the merging of traditional science and effective medical paradigms, along with the expanded concepts and known treatment and diagnostic approaches of complementary health care.

In essence, it is the best of both approaches that allows for practitioners to improve the health and wellness of their patients and clients. At the cornerstone of any health and wellness system is nutrition. Without proper food the ability to achieve optimal wellness is greatly compromised, and for those with chronic illness an improved diet is often the first step towards recovery. We all know the power of traditional medicines in alleviating symptoms and at times improving wellness, but the power of nutrition is often overlooked and marginalized. However, the science is clear in that an effective diet, tailored to the specific needs of the individual, is a powerful medicine and an absolute must in any wellness program.

Dr. Kurt Woeller

Dr. Woeller is an integrative medicine and biomedical autism physician. He has authored several books including “Autism – The Road To Recovery”, “Methyl-B12 Therapy For Autism”, “7 Facts You Need To Know About Autism”, “Methyl-B12 for Alzheimer’s Disease” and 5 Things You MUST Do Right Now To Help With Your Rheumatoid Arthritis.” He is a lecturer (both U.S. and international), educator, and experienced clinician offering specialized health services for individuals with complex medical conditions. Dr. Woeller also works as a clinical consultant for BioHealth and Great Plains Laboratories providing education through training programs and monthly webinars.

BioIndividual Nutrition

BioIndividual Nutrition is the science and clinical application of diet and nutrition intervention that is customized to the unique needs of an individual.

Most chronic health conditions have underlying imbalances in immune, digestive, cellular and detoxification function. Factors that can make some people very sensitive to foods and chemicals – even seemingly healthy foods can cause irritability, hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and pain; and can exacerbate oxidative stress and inflammation and deplete underlying biochemical pathways. As a healthcare or nutrition professional, it is crucial to understand the role of food and nutrient deficiencies in your approach. If food reactions and dietary issues are not addressed, your overall healing approach may be ineffective

Julie Matthews, CNC

julieJulie Matthews is an internationally respected Certified Nutrition Consultant, Speaker and Author of the award winning book “Nourishing Hope for Autism.” She has spent fourteen years studying the biochemistry of ASD and investigating the role of food and nutrition upon underlying health conditions and symptoms. Her work provides the scientific rationale for specialized healing diets and presents a comprehensive approach to using food and nutrition to best help each person affected. Julie tailors to the unique biochemical and health needs of each individual, as there is no “one-size fits-all” diet. Julie is a co-founder of the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute, and the creator of their professional nutritional courses based on her 14 years of study and clinical practice in nutrition for autism and the use of special diets tailored for biochemical individuality.

Integrative Medicine & BioIndividual Nutrition TOGETHER

The RIGHT Diet can…

  • Support biochemistry and body systems for healing
  • Increase clinical effectiveness
  • Reduce dependence on certain medical and/or pharmaceutical interventions
  • Improve and restore nutrient status
  • Balance intestinal flora for gastrointestinal support

“Julie Matthews approach to health and nutrition is expansive and complete. Her vast knowledge of various diets and the unique healing quality of food ranks her, in my opinion, as one of the top nutritional scientists in the field today.

I look forward to joining Julie in this webinar to extend my knowledge and experience with nutritional and dietary intervention for individuals dealing with chronic health issues.”

Kurt Woeller, D.O.

Medical Director: Integrative Medicine Academy

About the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute

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