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Thank you for choosing to become an Referral Partner of The BioIndividual Nutrition Institute. Because you understand the importance of the BioIndividual Nutrition approach, you are best suited to help share valuable learning and resources with others. The more health practitioners learn how to apply nutrition interventions correctly, the more true healing will take place. At The BioIndividual Nutrition Institute we are committed to informing and empowering everyone that FOOD and NUTRITION matter to health and well-being, in a fundamental way. As clinicians learn and share their knowledge and experience of what works, we become part of the paradigm shift towards improved well-being through (evidence-based, personalized) nutrition. Let’s work together in simple and easy ways help everyone realize that there are genuine, evidence-based, scientifically validated nutritional protocols to effectively address and heal chronic health conditions. Complete the Referral Partner Form below to receive further information and get started right away. Earned commissions are paid via Paypal, so please ensure that you complete your Paypal email details. Upon completion of the form below, you will receive more information pertaining to the commission program structure and resources via email.Thank you for being interested.The BioIndividual Nutrition Institute Team,

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