BioIndividual Nutrition Training Program

Food is Medicine

but there is NO "one-size-fits-all" Diet


based on Unique Biochemistry, Health History, and Genetics

Customizing Diet and Nutrition is Essential

The BioIndividual Nutrition Training teaches you how to identify and hone diet and nutrition strategy for each patient or client.

JulieSpeakingAtNTA_2016_RedPointingNutrition professionals have eagerly embraced Julie Matthews' comprehensive advanced nutrition training. For ten years Julie has educated physicians and professionals at trainings for Autism Research Institute/Defeat Autism Now!, Integrated Medicine for Mental Health, Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs, and the MINDD Forum in Australia. There is great need for a body of professionals with advanced understanding and capability for nourishing hope in each person, so she has now created the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute.

Specific Advantages for Clinicians
to become a Certified BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner

  • Save time in your practice by learning how to assess which foods to suspect first, where to start with diet and nutrition recommendations, and how to consider the bio-individuality of your client
  • Expand your knowledge with detailed science of over a dozen special diets, handouts and instructions to implement special diets, clinical charts and decision making tools, and a scientific understanding of how the underlying biochemistry of chronic diseases affect the reactions to or healing properties of various foods
  • Know how to troubleshoot common challenges seen in practice, and devise strategies to improve clinical outcome for patients/clients.o
  • Recognize therapeutic dietary pitfalls that can prevent your client from getting results – for example learn how grain-free diets can be high oxalate or high FODMAPS and can interfere with healing, or how other diets may be high salicylate or amine and may cause unwanted symptoms.
  • Provide help, hope, and encouragement for parents desperately working to improve the health of their children – and actually see the positive results from your efforts in kids getting better

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  • BioIndividual Nutrition Training Program
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Upon enrollment you receive immediate access to our online self-paced training course along with BONUS CONTENT of your choosing - PLUS ongoing private forum connectivity and LIVE Q&A sessions. You can get started right away, study at your pace, and still get opportunity for personalized live support and long-term connectivity with your peers.

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Introducing BioIndividual Nutrition®

BioIndividual Nutrition is the science and clinical application of diet and nutrition intervention that is customized to the unique needs of an individual.

Many chronic health conditions have underlying imbalances in immune, digestive, cellular and detoxification function. Factors that can make some people very sensitive to foods and chemicals – even seemingly healthy foods can cause irritability, hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and pain; and can exacerbate oxidative stress and inflammation and deplete underlying biochemical pathways.

As a healthcare or nutrition professional, it is crucial to understand the role of food and nutrient deficiencies in your approach.

WATCH 1-minute explanation

CUSTOMIZING the DIET & NUTRITION recommendations you make is ESSENTIAL...

  • Optimize healing and support of biochemistry and body systems
  • Increase clinical effectiveness and patient/client compliance
  • Improve and restore nutrient status
  • Balance intestinal flora for improved gastrointestinal support

5 Practitioner ERRORS that PREVENT Clinical Success

1) Being Too Dogmatic: There is always going to be latest trend in diet. A diet becomes popular because it works well for a subset of people, or for a finite period of time. So some practitioners jump on board and only recommend that one popular diet. The practitioner may even become blinded by their love and loyalty to the diet and can’t see what a different diet might be better or necessary for a client. In some cases additional principles are necessary maybe low FODMAPs or low oxalate on a grain-free diet for example. If it’s the wrong diet for the client - when the diet is not chosen or customized to the biodindividual nutrition needs of the unique person, the client (and the practitioner) doesn’t succeed.

Diet needs change over time and the practitioner must not be too dogmatic about one approach in order to see results consistently.

2) Being Too Rigid: When a practitioner insists a particular diet must be done a certain way. For example, a client is on a special diet that emphasizes certain foods like bone broth or sauerkraut multiple times per day, but the individual has a food reaction to the amines or glutamates in those foods. The client reacts, but the practitioner insists that it can’t be the “sacred” foods on the special diet, instead assuming the client must be making a mistake or needs to be more strict. Only the client then gets worse, not better.

Even within a special diet, food choices and rules may need to be modified, i.e. removing allowed foods (or adding non-compliant foods) in order to see success on that diet.

3) Being Too Simplistic: Some practitioners focus solely on “health food” diet. The challenge is one man’s medicine is another man’s poison. Even certain “health” foods can be a problem for some people, even to the point of causing serious reactions including pain, inflammation, or digestive challenges. A practitioner may recommend almond flour for a grain-free alterative, but unfortunately if the client has a problem with salicylates or oxalates the individual’s health may be negatively impacted and the practitioner will not see results.

Understanding the complexity of naturally occurring food chemicals and compounds can be the difference between a world-renown nutrition practice or not.

4) Being Overwhelming: A practitioner can have the best diet recommendations in the world. But if the client is confused on how to implement the diet, doesn’t have the resources to make the diet work, isn’t certain of what to eat, or it doesn’t fit into their lifestyle and preferences, then the client will not make the necessary changes. The client cannot see results if they are unable to make changes.

Having the clinical resources, charts, and lists to give to clients to help them implement diet changes is essential.

5) Being Too Limiting/Restrictive: The practitioner understands the value of all of many therapeutic diets but is not able to determine which to implement, prioritize, stagger, alter, or combine. Therefore the practitioner recommends implementing two or three or four diets simultaneously causing the food choices for the client becomes too narrow. The variety in the diet suffers, and the client may develop nutrient deficiencies or food sensitivities to the few foods they are able to eat.

Successful practitioners need to understand special diets, common symptoms, underlying biochemical imbalances, and how to prioritize the right diet(s) at the proper time. This will improve success with even the most complex and sensitive clients/patients.

Increase your CONFIDENCE, clinical EFFECTIVENESS, and AVOID the harmful ASSUMPTIONS that prevent your clients from getting results.

Customizing food and nutrition strategy is essential to therapeutic success today; there is no “one-size-fits-all” diet. Watch the following short clips and learn how how common harmful dietary assumptions can prevent healing and impede clinical success for your client - and how to set yourself apart from other professionals by practicing BioIndividual Nutrition.

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BioIndividual Nutrition

Advanced Training Program

for Practitioners that Make Diet and Nutrition Recommendations

Become a "Go-to" Nutrition Expert
that Clients Love and Colleagues Admire

Learn the nutrition science and clinical practice of individualized diet and nutrition.

Our advanced nutrition training program is unprecedented. Instead of teaching one dietary approach – we provide knowledge and tools to customize your diet & nutrition approach to optimize clinical effectiveness.

You can better support your clients/patients by individualizing food and nutrition recommendation based on their unique needs. There is great need for evidenced based diet and nutrition guidance that considers multiple individual variables that helps you improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. Upon completion of the Program, Certified BioIndividual Nutrition PractitionersTM become part of a supportive network of professionals and researchers committed to improving healthcare through this advanced approach. You’ll be listed on our website, along with other details about your practice.


+ Optional Autism/KIDS Training Course

Nourishing Hope FOUNDATIONS

Comprehensive training in the nutrition science and clinical practice of individualized diet and nutrition intervention. It provides broadly applicable advanced nutrition knowledge and tools, and explains how to adapt diets for individual food allergies and sensitivities such as gluten, dairy salicylates, amines, glutamates, oxalates, FODMAPS.

Covers over 20 diets: Gluten-free casein-free, allergen-free, elimination diets, yeast diets, SCD, GAPS, Low oxalate, Body Ecology, Feingold, Failsafe, low FODMAPS, Modified Atkins, Paleo diet, Primal diet, and more.

(For ALL practitioners addressing ALL chronic conditions)

(Optional Course)
Nourishing Hope for KIDS

Specialized Training in Nutrition for Children, Autism, ADHD and other Special Needs. Julie Matthews explains the underlying biochemistry, common nutrient deficiencies, and the most effective diets used for children’s special needs based on her 14 years of research and clinical practice.

About Julie Matthews


Julie Matthews is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and global thought leader in the field of bioindividual nutrition and specialized diets for complex chronic conditions. She has a special focus in autism, ADHD and related disorders and has authored the award-winning book, Nourishing Hope for Autism. BioIndividual Nutrition FOUNDATIONS Training and the Nourishing Hope for KIDS Training were created by Julie Matthews based on her 15 years of nutrition research and practice.

Julie's courses and writings are backed by an evidence-based approach. She is the Co-Founder and Director of Clinical Research for the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute, and Founder of Nourishing Hope. She is a writer, speaker, and clinician with a nutrition practice in San Francisco, CA.

FOUNDATIONS Course Outline & Overview

Information on over 20 diets: Gluten-free casein-free, allergen-free, elimination diets, yeast diets, SCD, GAPS, Low oxalate, Body Ecology, Feingold, Failsafe, low FODMAPS, Modified Atkins, Paleo diet, Primal diet, and more.

MODULE 1: BioIndividual Nutrition Foundations
MODULE 2: Special Diets for BioIndividual Nutrition
MODULE 3: Good Nutrition – Food Pyramid
MODULE 4: GFCF and Allergen-free Diets
MODULE 6: Dysbiosis and Diets for GI Support
MODULE 7: Low Phenol Diets
MODULE 8: Oxalates and The Low Oxalate Diet
MODULE 9: Paleo, Low Carb, and Ketogenic Diets
MODULE 10: Methylation and Mitochondria
MODULE 11: Laboratory Testing & Supplementation
MODULE 12: Determining BioIndividual Diet

MODULE 1: Chronic Disease, Underlying Factors, and BioIndividual Nutrition

We open the course with an investigation of chronic disease today and routinely observed underlying metabolic conditions, and I present my work with autism as a model for understanding and supporting all chronic disease. We discuss the need and factors for bioindividuality, and explore the practice of BioIndividual Nutrition.

MODULE 2: Special Diets and Therapeutic Success

Next we get a firm understanding of the most common and effective “special” healing diets that every nutrition practicing professional should master. How they work, harmful assumptions about them to NOT make, tweaking the diets and addressing supplementation, and knowing when (or not) to use a special diet. Focus is on optimizing therapeutic effectiveness of your diet and nutrition strategy for each individual in your practice.

MODULE 3: Nutrition Best Practices – NEW Food Pyramid

In this module we discuss the synthesis of more than a dozen years’ research/practice into nourishing diets (vs. the standard mainstream diet). You’ll gain the Nourishing Hope Food Pyramid as a model for understanding and teaching good nutrition and dietary factors in your practice. Our Nourishing Hope Food Pyramid flexible enough to apply to all healing diets. Deeper insight on foods groups, macronutrients, nutrient boosters, and foods not on the pyramid set a foundation for creating customized and effective dietary strategies to address all disease.

MODULE 4: Allergen-free Diets, Gluten-free Casein-free

We explore the practical application of common elimination diets, based on avoidance of known or suspected aversive foods/substances. Allergies vs. sensitivities vs. intolerances; gluten, dairy, and soy, lectins in grains, wheat proteins and exorphins, wheat germ agglutinin, zonulin, celiac and non-celiac gluten intolerance, autoimmune cross reactivity, symptoms and conditions of gluten intolerance, elimination diets/rotation diets are investigated in depth.

MODULE 5: The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) versus GAPS

Further exploring healing diets, we compare in great detail two grain-free and starch-free diets: the SCD and GAPS diets, discussing the specific carbohydrate diet; its origins and purpose, and differences in the GAPS diet. We investigate the strategic application of each approach; deciding which diet, understanding di-saccharides and polysaccharides, and how to adapt the diets as needed to address additional underlying biochemical concerns, while not neglecting good nutrition.

MODULE 6: Addressing Dysbiosis and Optimizing GI Support

We look thoroughly at the relationship between gastrointestinal health and chronic disease today, then detail the most effective dietary approaches for addressing gastrointestinal issues. We discuss the importance of the microbiome in health and chronic disease, and highlight: SIBO, Low FODMAPs, Yeast, and the Body Ecology Diet, as well as the use of other special diets discussed on the course for GI support.

MODULE 7: Low Phenol and Amine Diets

The course next covers a very important yet often unknown and underutilized dietary approach. You’ll learn from someone who has been putting these principles of low phenol and amine diets in practice for 15 years and has development an understand of the common symptoms and conditions these dietary approaches can address, how to implement them, and how to improve tolerance to foods containing: phenols, salicylates, histamines, other biogenic amines, and glutamates. Sulfation biochemistry is explored, associated diseases, the role of the microbiome, and how to improve sulfation and phenol/amine intolerance with diet, supplementation, and other factors. We learn about diets high in phenols/amines and diets to adapt for low phenol/amine needs. I explain the ins and outs of the Feingold and Failsafe diets too; when to choose; how to create your own custom approach, and how to implement.

MODULE 8: Oxalates and The Low Oxalate Diet

Diving deep into oxalates, we discover one of the most poorly understood yet crucial dietary strategies, that takes us far beyond a diet used for kidney stone support. We unearth the science and research on oxalates and their influence on: inflammation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial damage, and more. We investigate which diets tend to be high oxalate, when it’s a problem, and how to adapt, as well as factors outside of dietary consumption that are crucial to understand. You will learn strategies to safely implement the low oxalate diet in your practice, and how to engage further low oxalate principles such as supplementation support.

MODULE 9: Paleo, Low Carb, and Ketogenic Diets

Here we discuss the Paleo diet; it’s advantages and pitfalls, how it differs from other grain-free diets, and common misconceptions. We also explore in this module, low carbohydrate diets and various ketogenic diets; when to use or avoid these approaches.

MODULE 10: Methylation and Mitochondria

This is a favorite module included in this program by popular demand, as it discusses two very important topics essential in customizing nutrition strategy: methylation and mitochondrial dysfunction. We discuss and explain the process of methylation, tying it back to transsulfuration and sulfation biochemistry and complementary dietary strategies. We consider the implications of poor methylation, SNPs, and gene expression. We also explore mitochondrial function and go much further into the subject than simply mitochondrial disease, instead exploring mitochondrial function and dysfunction in many health conditions including autism. We discuss the connection between methylation and mitochondrial function and how to support both. You will learn which symptoms and conditionals can be associated with poor methylation and mitochondrial function, and supplementation and diets to use/not use to address these issues.

MODULE 11: Laboratory Testing & Supplementation

The course gets linear as we study laboratory testing, particularly functional tests. Explicitly, we explore how to determine nutrient need and hone dietary approach based on laboratory testing. We outline common nutrient deficiencies and supplementation to support nutrient repletion and how supplementation can support and improve tolerance of food reactions.

MODULE 12: Practicing BioIndividual Nutrition

We now bring it all together and highlight how to develop dietary strategy and BioIndividual Nutrition approach. Most importantly you’ll learn how to improve food tolerance, variety, and nutrition, a crucial approach often missed in most special diet discussions. Improving tolerance to foods is possible and is important to overall health and healing success in your practice. We cover symptoms commonly associated with food reactions, you’ll learn how to determine diet(s) approaches as needed, as well as receive access to a symptom guide and our online based dietary questionnaire to assist in gathering data and discerning dietary direction. You’ll discover our proprietary model for creating a customized BioIndividual Nutrition strategy with details on combining diets, tightening the rules of a diet, when and how to break the rules of a diet, and how to hone and evolve a diet over time as tolerance improves.

Materials and Tools include...

  • Video presentations, slide decks, transcripts, and downloadable MP3 recordings of all modules and lessons
  • 12 Modules comprising 28 hours of course content
  • Easy to Use Clinical Charts, Handouts: GMO Guide, Toxin Guide, and many more
  • Diet Implementation Guides and Food lists for your patients and clients
  • Nourishing Hope Food Pyramid poster and client tools plus Nourishing Hope for Autism (book) and Cooking to Heal (cookbook and videos)
  • Private forums and Facebook groups for connectivity

Kurt"Julie Matthews approach to health and nutrition is expansive and complete. Her knowledge of various diets and the unique healing quality of food ranks her as one of the top nutritional scientists in the field today. Her teaching approach is straightforward, engaging, and full of practical information. If you're a practitioner expanding your knowledge of nutrition science, Julie's course work is an absolute must."

Dr. Kurt N. Woeller, D.O. Medical Director: Integrative Medicine Academy

Become a Certified BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner

  • Enhance your current nutrition knowledge with detailed science of over a dozen special diets, handouts and instructions to implement special diets, clinical charts and decision making tools, and a scientific understanding of how the underlying biochemistry of chronic diseases affect the reactions to or healing properties of various foods
  • Save yourself time in your practice by learning how to assess which foods to suspect first, where to start with diet and nutrition recommendations, and how to consider the bio-individuality of your client
  • Recognize therapeutic dietary pitfalls that can prevent your client from getting results – for example learn how grain-free diets can be high oxalate or high FODMAPS and can interfere with healing, or how other diets may be high salicylate or amine and may cause unwanted symptoms.
  • How to make your favorite diet even more successful with complex clients by customizing the diet with a combination of therapeutic diet principles to meet their BioIndividual Nutrition needs.

Become listed in our Online Clinician Directory

Clinicians from 20 nations have become Members of the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute. They embrace the advanced understanding and capability that our program provides. Meet MDs, Naturopaths, Nurses, Registered Dietitians, Certified Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, Health Coaches, and more. The Directory includes Members that have completed our training, passed the course examination, and become Certified. Presented are Member's professional information, qualifications, and experiences.

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Nourishing Hope for KIDS

(OPTIONAL Additional Training Course)

iStock_000015953024Small_kidsvegCROPThe Foundations Course provides broadly applicable training - Nourishing Hope for KIDS gets specific - focusing on autism, ADHD, and related childhood disorders. Julie Matthews is a world leading nutritionist for children with autism; this is only advanced nutrition training program - explicitly focused on this audience.

Autism is a complex disorder. It can involve underlying inflammation, oxidative stress, microbiome imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, methylation challenges, mitochondrial issues, digestive disturbances, and immune system dysregulation.

BridgingThe Gap Autism-300x217The Founder of BioIndividual Nutrition Institute, Julie Matthews, has specialized in autism for the last 15 years, she is the author of Nourishing Hope for Autism. Through her research and clinical experience she has learned how to help people improve and support their underlying biochemistry, food reactions and intolerances, and help them recover.

She has learned that children with autism are the "canaries in the coalmine," informing us that we have too many toxins and nutrient deficiency that have affected our genetic expression, as well as exposure to environmental triggers that are harming the development of our children as well as our health. Fortunately by understanding the underlying factors and conditions affecting autism, we can use food and nutrition to improve the health, happiness, learning and behavior of children, and help them lead a better quality of life.

3D_NH_CoverNEW-240x300Additionally, what we learn from helping children with autism can be applied to virtually all chronic disease. This is where the roots of her knowledge and training program come from. In our foundations training we use autism as a model for BioIndividual Nutrition and aiding people with chronic disease through food, diet, and nutrients but expand our approach to ANY chronic disorder from autoimmune, digestive, neurological, endocrine, and more. And if you have a special interest in autism and helping the myriad of children needing nutritional support, you'll want to take our Nourishing Hope for KIDS course to gain all of the tools and insight you need to work with children and families with autism, ADHD, and other special needs.

Children require a DIFFERENT APPROACH

The course was created for practitioners that work with autism ADHD, special needs, and children's nutrition.

You cannot apply the same food and nutrition approach to children as you do for adults. Children have different tastes and texture preferences. Diets and meal ideas may need to be adjusted for children. They tend to be picky eaters. They have different nutritional needs

After speaking with and working with thousands of families, I’m convinced that to be successful working with children you need a different strategy than working with adults. While some children don’t require “kids meals” they all still need to be tailored to the growth, repair, and special developmental requirements of children.

Nourishing Hope for KIDS Outline

MODULE 1: Biochemistry of Autism, ADHD and other Chronic Childhood Disorders
MODULE 2: Nutrient Deficiencies in Autism and Other Conditions
MODULE 3: Digestion and the Microbiome in Autism
MODULE 4: Behavior and Energy Regulation
MODULE 5: Special Diets for Children
MODULE 6: Case Studies of Autism and other Childhood Disorders
MODULE 7: Meal Planning and Recipes for Children & Support for Picky Eaters

MODULE 1: Biochemistry of Autism, ADHD and other Chronic Childhood Disorders

Underlying factors, biochemistry, and systems affected in Autism as well as ADHD and other special needs. We discuss biochemical factors including: prenatal, inflammation, methylation, transsulfuration, sulfation, mitochondria, gastrointestinal, neurological, endocrine, and toxins. Childhood conditions include autism, ADHD, down syndrome, asthma, and allergies.

MODULE 2: Nutrient Deficiencies in Autism and Other Conditions

Nutrient Deficiencies common in autism, Supportive supplementation, Scientific research on deficiencies in autism and childhood conditions, and studies showing improvement from supplementation

MODULE 3: Digestion and the Microbiome in Autism and Other Conditions

Gastrointestinal issues, inflammatory disorders, bacterial imbalances, yeast, and pathogens in autism, as well as the other childhood conditions we discuss in the course. Diets and supplementation support most helpful for various GI challenges.  Diet and supplement support for Fat Intolerance, Gas & Bloating, Diarrhea, Constipation, and GERD. Getting Babies Off to the Best Start, Supporting Children’s Microbiome

MODULE 4: Mood, Behavior and Energy Regulation

Common autism behaviors, Childhood Mood/Behavior Conditions: depression, anxiety, irritability, emotional sensitivity, and aggression, Childhood energy regulation issues: hyperactivity, fatigue, mitochondrial and energy production issues, seizures; Food chemicals and natural substances most likely to cause behavioral reactions; Diets that can help various conditions discussed

MODULE 5: Nutrition and Special Diets for Children

Nutritional considerations for children of all ages, Nutrient dense diet for children; special learning/teaching tools for parents and children; Special diets that are helpful for children, when special diets are not appropriate for children, how to adapt a diet to meet needs of children, special diet challenges for children

MODULE 6: Meal Planning and Recipes for Children & Support for Picky Eaters

Prevalence of picky eating in autism; research on picky eating, clinical experience to support practitioners who work with picky eaters, meal planning and recipes for practitioners that work for children especially those that are picky eaters

MODULE 7: Case Studies of Autism and other Childhood Disorders

Detailed case studies of real life cases of improvement from autism and other childhood conditions using special diets. Stories are profound and inspiring. They show you how powerful diet can be and what principles were used to help children.

In this training you will:

  • Discover the underlying biochemistry of autism and how to use food and nutrition to help
  • Become aware of how to adapt special diets to the palate of a child
  • Learn how to work with children that are picky eaters
  • Distinguish what diets to be careful of that might not be appropriate for certain children
  • Gain additional learning/teaching tools for parents and children as well as special clinical handouts
  • Learn meal planning for families following special diets
  • EARN Further Designation in our CLINICIAN DIRECTORY

Child and Family Specific Tools for your Nutrition Practice:





What Professionals are Saying!

Francesca_Orlando"The BioIndividual Nutrition training has been one of the best investments for my career as a nutritionist. I have followed Julie’s work for years and I admire her knowledge and passion. Nourishing Hope for Autism first, and now The BioIndividual Nutrition course have been invaluable tools in my practice. I strongly believe in biochemical individuality, but I felt that my training was not as adequate as I would have liked. Julie’s work has bridged this gap and has brought my autism-focused practice to the next level."

Francesca Orlando-Baldwin, NTP, CGP
Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

“I highly recommend Julie Matthews’ BioIndividual Nutrition Training. After studying Nutrition for 15 years, I can honestly say that Julie Matthews is one of this country’s top nutritionists. No other books or seminars that I have encountered covers what Julie does – in such great expert detail. Julie has helped me to radically improve my life and my daughter’s, by teaching me to how to identify a myriad of food intolerances and reactions. Now I feel empowered in my practice as well – to help even the most challenging clients, who have supposedly ‘tried everything’ and not found solutions….which was how I felt before I took Julie’s course."

Annika Rockwell, Certified Nutritionist

"The BioIndividual Nutrition training ticked all the boxes. It is scientifically backed and referenced, comprehensive, practical and relevant to me as a Health Coach and Mindd Practitioner. I work specifically with the Autism community, so the knowledge I gained from the Bioindividual Nutrition program is crucial for me to be able to provide a high level of expertise to my clients."

Kris Barrett, Mindd Practitioner
Certified Nutrition & Health Coach
Certified GAPS Practitioner Certified
BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner

""I congratulate Julie on this education module for individualised food plans. The patients I treat with special needs (mostly children) can have very tricky food sensitivities/restrictions and special nutrient requirements. Learning to design a diet and nutrition plan, taking into account each person's exclusions at that point in time, is brilliant, clear and time-saving. Patients and parents will commonly ask “Where do I get guidance on a specialised food plan?” This program gives tangible and constructive material as a practical guide, including readily usable and presentable approaches and resources that bring hope and encouragement. I would encourage you to acquire this training with enthusiasm."

Frank Golik, MD - Mindd Practitioner

CatePellicer_Actual"I have nothing but praise for Julie Matthews’  BioIndividual Nutrition course.  Although my NTP training was excellent, not all clients respond to the standard healing diet and supplement protocols taught in the program.  The BioIndividual Nutrition course took my training to a higher level, and I can now help a much wider range of clients.  Julie delves into biochemical processes, genetic and environmental considerations as well as a deeper understanding of gut integrity and the health of the microbiome.  Before even completing the program, I was able to apply and see results from the new information I had learned.  My confidence as a practitioner has grown immensely – thank you Julie!"
Cate Pellicer, NTP

PaulaBordenet“After completing the NTP program I immediately enrolled in the BioIndividual Nutrition trainings. I am interested in helping people with ADHD, and Julie's years of research with Autism and ADHD are what attracted me to her program.  She covers a variety of diets, and I found this to be an excellent addition to the physiology and anatomy groundwork I received from NTA. It is invaluable to me to know why a client might benefit from a specific dietary intervention. Julie walks you through case studies and you gain an understanding of the thought process she goes through to identify symptoms and suitable dietary interventions. This was the missing link for me in guiding clients to making dietary choices specific to their needs."
Paula Bordenet, NTP

hollymorello"I enrolled in BioIndividual Nutrition Institute Foundations and Nourishing Hope for Kids programs after hearing your presentation at the NTA conference. I hadn't considered it before as I am a bit familiar with all those diets and am a GAPS practitioner but your presentation really resonated with me. I have since decided to focus on clients like myself and my son. Having tools and resources as your program teaches is really what I needed. I now feel confident that I will be able to reach more families and children and make a bigger impact on my community without driving myself to the ground and losing my relationship with my family."

Holly Morello, NTP, CGP

ResoluteMichaels_NEW"As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I have found the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute program to be in alignment with our training.  Working with food and diet can be a conundrum as we puzzle out the best plan for our more challenged clients. BNI focuses on both the science and specific diets for specific issues. The program even teaches when and how to break the rules for perfect alignment to my clients’ needs. Don’t underestimate the value of this program that is geared to the Autism Spectrum. I’m sure you’ll find, as I have, that this is information that will inform your clinical practice each and every day."
Resolute Michaels, NTP

Additional Institute Activities

Private Forums & Facebook Group

Connect with colleagues on the latest in nutrition news, science and research using our forums and other online tools. Protecting the privacy of patients and practitioners is very important to us. Also connect online via private Facebook group.

Masters Series Webinars

Masters Webinars are available only to Members of the BioIndividual Nutrition Training and Certification program. These sessions will include guest speakers, scientific advisory board members, and others for more in depth scientific discussions.

Blog, Newsletter & Ongoing Education

Our Blog includes insights and recent research, relevant news, Member spotlights, case studies, and more. Members may contribute articles, research, and collaborate in meeting Institute and Member educational and program objectives.

Online Practitioner Directory

The BioIndividual Nutrition Institute's co-founder, Julie Matthews, is frequent conference speaker on nutrition for autism and related disorders, as well as the science and application of bioindividual nutrition. Coming soon, the Institute aims to hold live conferences and other Member events.

Join our Team

Global Team of Practitioners

When you enroll in our Training Program, you become a Member of our Institute. Clinicians from 20 nations have become Members. This vanguard team includes MDs, Naturopaths, Nurses, Registered Dietitians, Certified Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, Health Coaches, and more! There is great demand for professionals with the advanced understanding and capability that our program provides, and we’re very excited to welcome and support our new members.

The world needs professionals to help!

We’ve spent years creating something that provides significant professional advantage and capability. Through advanced nutrition training we increase the legitimacy of diet and nutrition approaches and increase its clinical effectiveness. If you’re a professional that makes dietary recommendations in your practice – we invite you to join the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute.

You are invited to JOIN today!.

BioIndividual Nutrition Institute Members are leaders in their field – people with a passion for helping others and affecting positive change. You will have additional opportunity to meet and collaborate with fellow professionals, and share knowledge as we further the practice of nutrition in health care and advance nutrition science. Be part of the change!
Woman smiling at the hospital with medical staff

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    Select Study Group BONUS CONTENT

    Read the details of the SPECIAL Study Groups - SELECT the Group and BONUS CONTENT that's right for you.

Successful Learning Approach:

    • Training Course (self-paced)

    • BONUS CONTENT (extra distinctions)

    • Live Q&A + Forums (ongoing support)

Connecting and learning together with like-minded peers has great advantage, so we’ve created a way for a groups of professionals or parents to: learn/integrate/apply the BioIndividual Nutrition training together, while proceeding at their own pace, getting direct support from other group mentors, and being able to connect with Julie Matthews and broader Institute program offerings.

Ongoing Connectivity Includes...

  • Questions and Answer Sessions with Julie Matthews - LIVE Monthly
  • Study Groups on Special Topics forming quarterly LIVE and recorded for your convenience
  • Session include: nutrition course material, case studies, personal questions, parent resources, and more
  • Meet others and connect on private forums and Facebook groups
  • Member spotlights, learnings, and stories

4 Choices of BONUS CONTENT

When enrolling in the BioIndividual Nutrition Training, you ALSO get BONUS CONTENT from one of our FOUR Study Groups.  Study Group Sessions are wholly separate from the BioIndividual Training modules: they are meetings of like-minded individuals who are enrolled (of have completed) the BioIndividual Nutrition training. They present further distinctions that enhance the learning and application of the principles and practices covered in the course.

Practitioners of varying discipline have certain aspects of their respective practice, vis a vis making diet and nutrition recommendations, that differ. Our members have found it tremendously advantageous to connect with like-minded peers to share their experiences and clinical insights with one another - thus respectively and collectively advancing knowledge and front-line effectiveness.


Nutritionists, Dieticians, and Health Coaches

TWO sets of sessions held with Julie Matthews and Group Leaders Kathleen DiChiara and Kris Barrett (from Australia). Outstanding distinctions and clinical pearls.

Integrative Practitioners

[Doctors & nutrition professionals following an integrative approach] Two doctors Kurt Woeller, D.O. and Tracy Tranchitella N.D., and Julie Matthews share clinical application insight during four sessions.

Nutritional Therapists (NTP/NTCs)

[NTA students/practitioners]. Four sessions with Julie Matthews and Leaders Resolute Michaels and Francesca Orlando. Advances NTP integration of BioIndividual Nutrition.




Nourishing Hope MOMs (parents)

[Parents wanting to study BioIndividual Nutrition for themselves, their family and/or the broader community. Four sessions led by Julie Matthews and Nourishing Hope MOMs, Terri Hirning and Kathleen DiChiara.

"This has helped me immensely"

Jen Baum, Replenish PDX Nutritionist

"I highly recommend the Bioindividual Nutrition Institute to anyone looking to further their understanding of the value of specialty, therapeutic diets and how to determine which bioindividual diet is appropriate for each client based on their unique physiology and circumstances. The training has also enabled me to bring a special skill set to Andrea’s clinical team.

"There is a lot of confusing and contradictory information out there about special diets such as low histamine, low salicylate and low oxalate diets. My clients who have attempted to research and implement these special diets on their own are frequently misinformed and overwhelmed. Julie distills the information and research on specialty diets, as well as bringing in her own extensive experience as a nutritionist. This has helped me immensely in being able to answer my clients’ questions about why they need to implement a specialty diet, and how to do so without becoming overwhelmed or deprived." Jen Baum

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1) Nourishing Hope FOUNDATIONS


2) Nourishing Hope for KIDS



  • TRAINING + Bonus

  • BioIndividual Nutrition FOUNDATIONS

    BioIndividual Nutrition FOUNDATIONS

  • Nourishing Hope for KIDS (optional)

    Nourishing Hope for KIDS (optional)

  • • Nutritionists, Dieticians, Health Coaches...

    • Nutritionists, Dieticians, Health Coaches...

  • • Integrative Practitioners

    • Integrative Practitioners

  • • Nutritional Therapists (NTP/NTCs)

    • Nutritional Therapists (NTP/NTCs)

  • FOUNDATIONS Training

  • $2999

  • BioIndividual Nutrition FOUNDATIONS

  • Nourishing Hope for KIDS (optional)

  • • Nutritionists, Dieticians, Health Coaches...

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  • • Integrative Practitioners

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  • • Nutritional Therapists (NTP/NTCs)

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  • KIDS Training

  • $1499

  • BioIndividual Nutrition FOUNDATIONS

  • Nourishing Hope for KIDS (optional)

  • • Nutritionists, Dieticians, Health Coaches...

  • • Integrative Practitioners

  • • Nutritional Therapists (NTP/NTCs)

  • Julie's Top Team

    BOTH Courses

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  • BioIndividual Nutrition FOUNDATIONS

  • Nourishing Hope for KIDS (optional)

  • • Nutritionists, Dieticians, Health Coaches...

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  • • Integrative Practitioners

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  • • Nutritional Therapists (NTP/NTCs)

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or BEGIN by knowing and understanding the ESSENTIALS

  • Enrollment Option

  • ESSENTIALS of BioIndividual Nutrition

    ESSENTIALS of BioIndividual Nutrition

  • Modules 1 & 2 of BioIndividual Nutrition Training

  • $497

  • ESSENTIALS of BioIndividual Nutrition


* NOTE that the Nourishing Hope for KIDS course is not a stand-alone course, it is an "add on", requiring the FOUNDATIONS Course as a prerequisite. If you have taken the Foundations Course in the past and would like to enroll in the Nourishing Hope for KIDS course at this time, please email us.

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